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 A.V.C. button-I dug this one in late 2010 at a spring neat Morgan's 1863 Winter camp near Liberty, TN. The button was cuff size and the only known Alabama artifact recovered from that site. It was pictured in American Digger Magazine and North South Traders Civil War Magazine.

Confederate Block "I" button-I recovered this Confederate Infantry button last Winter from Col. R.D. Allison's Cavalry Squadron Camp located near Morgan's 1863 Winter Camp at Liberty, TN. This is the only CS button known to have been dug from that camp and was pictured in the May issue of American Digger Magazine.

 Late 1700s Brass Cufflinks-These cufflinks were recovered by me very close to a spring used by Morgan's men near a 1863 Morgan camp. They were pictured in American Digger Magazine along with my article "Chasing Gen. John Hunt Morgan" last August.

Artillery Relics from Hartsville-The iron fragment was dug by me East of the Union Camp attacked by Morgan at Hartsville and is a piece from a 12 lb. cannon ball most likely fired from Cobb's Battery. the lead sabot and friction primer was found in the field from where Morgan's 3 inch rifled cannon fired down on the Yankee camp.

 Rare 38 Cal. Multi ring Sharps Sporting rifle bullet-To be pictured in the next issue of North South Trader's Civil War Magazine. This bullet is rare to dig in Tennessee and was dug by me last Winter in Col. Allison's Camp near Liberty, TN and no doubt brought from home by one of Morgan/Allison's Soldiers.

Morgan's 1862 Fall Camp near Hartsville (Mills Woods)- I dug this box of relics from that camp.

 Morgan's 1863 Winter Camp near Liberty, TN-I dug this box of relics from that camp in 1997-98.

These items can be purchased through this email contact.

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